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Monica Cetti

Monica Cetti is an art director and interior/still life stylist based in Copenhagen with more than 15 years of experience. Monica works both on location or builds her own set in her studio, where she create a visual concept. Her workspace is a studio with two photographers and a chef which makes working days creative, fun and dynamic.

A balanced, deep and true expression in her work is a goal for Monica. The most important process is to explore, create and make a visual concept based on true core values that will inspire us, to create a visual beyond the spoken words. 

Combining both design and styling gives a consistent expression in her work, while understanding the brand in every corner and working with it on different levels, makes the result strong and true.

In the past years Monica worked internationally, styling for Lufthansa and Pillivuyt among others. Her passion for both styling and designing is growing every day and this passion makes every assignment a little journey on its own and assures a complete result.

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